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With our clients by our side, we continue to lead and carve the legal pathway into new eras. We also pride ourselves on successfully meeting our client’s rigid security standards and aspire to continue doing so. 

Key Features

Handcrafted Features to serve
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Dual language

Breaking the Language barrier with Full English & Arabic Support

Is the Arabized legal sector in the Middle East setting you back? Our professional, bilingual automation platform helps you overcome language barriers and communicate with your clientele. 

Workflow Automation

Streamlining your office with a self-learning Automation and smart cloud-based management software!

Our lawyer management software unifies your legal tasks, data and case files allowing your law-firm teams to spend more time on the technical work and less time on the mundane process.

Team Collaboration

Teamwork, Elevated

With all of your tools in one place, you can now visually collaborate with attorneys across your law-firm. Casengine empowers employees to collaborate productively while increasing the efficiency of overall performance. 


Get more than just a legal



Your data is safe with us. We encrypt data both at-rest and in-transit using 256-bit AES encryption for SSL/TLS web traffic and 2048 bit RSA public keys which means no one can see the data from backend.



We are open for integrating with your existing systems. CasEngine allows integrations to your Outlook and the Active Directory. We are flexible in exposing the APIs for 3rd party integrations depending on client's business requirements.


Support 24/7

Support 24/7 Need live chat sales and support agents? Our team is ready to answer all your case-management questions 24/7.


One-On-One Trainings

We provide trainings at the initial technological set-up to ensure your team is set for success. Our trainings can be held in-person or online.


Fahad Al Barbaa from FBM Law firm stated that the change is evident; everything is way more organized. He said that they worked on google drive before and it was not sufficient at all, it didn’t have the details of the clients or the cases and that CasEngine made their work easier as it gives them a report on the work flow, the tasks to be done and the overall works.

Fahad Barbaa
FBM Law firm


“The best feature in CasEngine is the dashboard, the option of going in a user-friendly dashboard and viewing everything I have in the department, from cases to clients to updates, has made my work a lot easier, efficient and faster.”

Luma Al Shaikh
Al Salam bank


Fahad Al Refaee from Al Refaee’s Law firm stated that he considers CasEngine to be one of the leading portals and software. When asked on his favorite feature, he said that the ability to have more reporting options, to generate reports on different things and using different filters is a very beneficial tool.

Fahad Al Refaee
Al Refaee Law Firm


Omar Al Heloo from Hadef Partners highlighted how much Hadef has benefited from the Workflow Automation, i.e. the portal systemization to automatically update itself whenever someone in the organization has finished their task.

Omar Al Heloo
Hadef Partners


Saleh Al Kayyali from Etisalat said that CasEngine has made a huge difference in Etisalat’s Legal department, he stated the following “I now have all the cases with the dates, assignments, tasks, reporting in one place, one now knows exactly what work do we have and when is it due.”

Saleh Al Kayyali
Etisalat Legal Department
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We are proud to introduce a legal wokflow automation solution to maximize productivity and transform traditional process into simpler steps for law firms and in-house.